I am constantly reminded to let go and let wonder.  Not always so easy.  I believe half the time of my development as a young medium was about just getting used to, understanding, & trusting the terrain.  I am still in awe of mediumship.  So much so that at times that awe  gets in the way.  I catch myself thinking, wow I cant believe this is real, and can be done.  I believe it was Mavis Pittilla that said, ” The most skeptical person in the room at a reading should be and usually is the medium.” So true.  I expect more and more of myself and my work every time.  I hunt  refinement.  It is a tricky dance, perhaps weighted in the need to control the field.  In  development I felt I was being reconstructed from the inside out.  I never realized how strong my dedication to control was and is.  I seek to understand, release and make peace with my love of control.  When I move out of the way, I am filled in by the story.  I recently discovered my resistance to the nitty gritty of a reading.  I have found I often am allergic to the dark corners in a sitting.  I am not one to pry in my everyday life.  Even if the sitter gives permission, I have resistance.  I am shocked to see my limitations, and thankful because now I can hunt.  I hunt the obstacle of my own limitation.  This can become addicting as well.  As I write this I hear them hollering, “Make it a dance. Dance damn it.  Just dance and let go, let go, let go.”  Hahahaha

24 Apr 2017
April 24, 2017

Soul Cartography Demo

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What an amazing weekend of Soul Cartography and Baby readings at the Edge Life Expo in Minneapolis, MN.  I was swamped from open to closing. I did 16 readings and a demonstration on Baby Reading in two days.  There was a lot of buzz and excitement around Soul Cartography.  I draw the unseen you. I did 10 speed mapping sessions at the expo.  More Soul Cartography coming your way Dec. 3, 2016 at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice CA. Check out my event page here, or Facebook @soulcartography. #soulcartography #readings #mediumshipinprint #happymedium

02 Mar 2017
March 2, 2017


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A medium knows what everyone is feeling and thinking at all times.

Not true.  I know what I am focused on, & if I’m not focused on you, or I am not working as a medium in that moment, then I am just like everybody else. A well trained medium has control of his or her faculty.  Imagine how exhausted I would be if I were constantly “tuned in”.