14 Sep 2016
September 14, 2016


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September 14, 2016

Often there will be mystery pieces from a reading that is resolved or discovered later.  I ask sitters to record the information and get back to me if the information is confirmed.  My favorite experience of the year so far just happened last weekend.  The young man who passed kept showing me a ring of stones and kept saying he was thankful for the “marker”.  None of us could get to the bottom of it.  Later that night I receive a text.  The parents of the deceased son made a ring of stones at the site of his passing to honor him.  A marker of sorts in that space and time. They hadn’t shared that with anyone else until now.  I am so thankful for these experiences.

17 Jun 2016
June 17, 2016

Dog Flower

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I recently read for a lovely woman who had lost her husband the year before.  My favorite validation came first with the image of their most recent dog that had passed and an image of a violet which he said was his favorite flower.  It didn’t make sense to the sitter in the moment, but later that night she looked up the meaning of the name of her husbands favorite flower which she said wasn’t a violet.  The translation of the name for his favorite flower just so happens to be -“Dog Violet”. Isn’t that lovely?

20141017_114119_resized_1While at Omega Institute studying with James Van Praagh, I read for Tibby and her husband came through showing me a gold pocket watch. She said yes she had it. It currently was on her mantel in a glass case. It hadnt worked for years but was a significant family heirloom. He said to take note at the time it was currently, and that he would be moving the hands of the clock this week. Well to our surprise, on the last day, she excitedly ran in with the watch to show me. She hadnt touched it until that very morning when she saw it had moved forward by 30 minutes. So sweet and a great lesson for me to always have faith in the message.

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