Letters To A Young Medium

Mentorship Session-

A question I get a lot is, “I think I’m a medium. Now what?”

When I began to explore my gifts I was overwhelmed with where to turn for help and guidance.  I am passionate about mediums and their journey.  Especially in big cities there are a lot of fads and false teachers.  The first rule of mediumship is to “learn” you.  Not to become like someone else.

No one needs to teach you how to do it. Training is more about how to manage and understand the terrain, deal with people, learn to deal with their expectation as well as your own.  There are key exercises and general rules as well to keep you healthy as a reader that I also share.

I am a “hub”.  I connect you with excellence and next steps.

This work is about service over business in my book.  If it’s about how much you can make, you may be in the wrong field.  At least that’s how I work.  My trajectory is content over conquest.

I have a list of teachers my colleagues and I trust and I share that with you as well as explore your gifts.  I’m not here to sell you on a package or course.  This is simply a session of lets see where you are at and let me help get you to the right place for education and support.