Welcome and thank you for popping in!

(Sometimes babies sing along)

Why joynavigation?

The roots and results of my work continually lead to clearing, relief, healing, and a sense of joy for clients.  With Spirit Baby reading, Baby reading, Soul Cartography- (intuitive portraiture)  Intuitive consultation,  my intention is to  lead back to wonder,  joy, balance and connection. The necessity of joy is underestimated and misunderstood in our culture. Your health depends on it. People can withstand most difficulties if relating to that struggle as teacher, and of being temporary.  Joy is the life boat in the storm, and I hope to be the sail that helps you from point A to B.  I’m talking about the development of a joy that is rooted in self study and inquiry…  a joy that is from a place not easily blown off course…  a joy connected to a knowing of the eternal self.  All that I do and strive for as a spiritual medium, full spectrum doula, and intuitive, is to be another piece of the puzzle that gets you closer to your essential self.

Thank you for your time as I know it is precious.


“If Sufi were a planet, we’d stick a flag in her!”    – C. Pifko