Spirit Baby Readings

The Spiritual Life of Babies (TM)

Never doubt that there is an all seeing and being-ness of your baby even in the earliest of infancy.  Some mothers may not have felt at their absolute best in those early months. Don’t worry.  Your little one accepts all of you.  You are one even after birth.  Your little one is navigating his or her own feelings as well, and there is the grace of love and forgetting.  There is also the gift of explanation and understanding later.  Breathe and embrace the mother you are, and are becoming.

In my experience spirit baby readings is an extension of mediumship.  I use the same faculty as I do to connect to those who have passed on.  Again I discovered this aspect during a postpartum doula session with a desperate client looking for answers.  Her baby who was normally a super easy baby had stopped eating and sleeping and was inconsolable all of a sudden.  This client was quite intuitive herself but was too close and fearful to calmly check in, so she asked me to come over and check in.  I put baby W on the changing table where, I like to say, all change is possible.  I asked him to share.  I heard, “My daddy is dying.” I asked mom if that was true.  She said no, but that her husband was working on their Will the night before.  Then mom gasps.  The night nurse that was with baby W all night the night before had just found out that her father was terminal and would die in 6 months.  Then my client teared up.  On top of everything else today was the anniversary of her fathers’ passing.  I placed my hand on baby W’s chest and explained clearly that his daddy is safe and that others were having feelings about their fathers.  I then reminded him that mommy carries the BIG feelings.  His only job is to grow, eat, explore and sleep.  With that he went straight to the breast then slept for four hours straight.

Here is a recent interview about my work as a baby reader on Spirit Baby Radio.

It is not magic.  You can hear your baby too.  Two of my favorite books on this subject are, “Talking to Babies” By Dr. Mirium Szejer.  The psychologist that decreased the NICU rate of demise in a French hospital by 50% by talking to babies.

Then there is the book Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen.  He was a famous medium that pioneered this aspect of connection and reading.