Spirit Baby /Baby/ Toddler Whispering

The Spiritual Life of Babies.

I have worked with over 800 families as a newborn and postpartum specialist and conducted over 2500 readings.

We can do….

Spirit Baby reading

Pregnancy Reading

                                                                                  Baby Reading

                                                                                 Toddler Reading

A demonstration of the longevity of the soul.

Who we are, our essential soul self, is present from day 1!  You not only have the scientist in the crib…you also have the mystic in the crib.  I never want to hear a mother ask me if her baby knows her. In part my work is to demonstrate a language before words. Babies want to be seen and heard as the individuals they are from the beginning. I simply share the “slide show” with you. Babies and toddlers share the funniest things.