About Me

I have been a birth attendant and postpartum specialist for 23 years.  I was certain I would be a midwife until a deep and profound experience at a magical birth showed me gifts and a world I had long ignored.  I am not only here to support and educate on all aspects of birth and postpartum.  I also hope to introduce you to the magic of it all too. I am also here to share the magic of it all.

I grew up traveling the world with my family.  My father set up midwifery clinics for the United Nations in some of the poorest countries.  They were poor monetarily, but richest culturally and                                                                         spiritually.

Our travels shaped my relationship to the “unknown”.  In Nepal I learned to meditate at Kopan Monastery.  In Africa, I learned to listen with “other ears” from the Bantu.  In the Sudan I learned to see beyond my eyes from the Dinka.  In Turkey and in Saudi Arabia I learned that spirituality is lived, not adorned.