About Me

I grew up traveling the world with my family.  Our travels have shaped my relationship to the “unknown”.   In Nepal I learned to meditate at Kopan Monastery.  In Africa, I learned to listen with “other ears” from the Bantu.  In the Sudan I learned to see beyond my eyes from the Dinka.  In Turkey,  I learned that spirituality is lived, not adorned.  I have been a Doula for over 18 years. I was certain I would be a midwife until a deep and profound experience at a very special birth showed me a world I had long ignored.  I spent over 7 years in deep training and mentorship to enhance, build and understand my abilities.  I discovered I could use my intuitive qualities to enhance healing, and communication between mother and baby.  I also found a way for you to take your reading home with you through intuitive portraiture, Soul Cartography. @soul_cartography