About Me

I grew up traveling the world with my family.  My father worked for the UN.  These travels shaped me, and have influenced my work as a Doula and an Intuitive.  I grew up with the UN model of, if you want to change a village, teach its women.  In Vietnam, The Sudan, Malawi and  Nepal my father set up midwifery clinics, and facilitated reproductive health trainings.  I was struck by the love and support I witnessed between women in the villages from mothers to maidens.  In my 30’s, as I considered motherhood, I felt adrift and sorely unprepared.  Then I met a doula at a dinner party and my life was changed, forever.  I have worked with over 800 families postpartum and have attended over 500 births, 40 of which were home water births as an assistant midwife.  You can’t attend all of those births and not have your intuitive gates fly wide open.  I have spoken with hundreds of women who share that their intuition increased ten fold after giving birth.  The same happened to me.  My mission is to encourage and share how healing and powerful that can be as a mother to be deeply in touch with that aspect and sense of knowing.

Our travels and my name have shaped my relationship to the “unknown”.   In Nepal I learned meditation from the monks of Kopan Monastery.  In Africa, I learned to listen with “other ears” from the Bantu of Malawi.  In the Sudan I learned to see beyond my eyes from the Dinka.  In Turkey, my second home, I learned that spirituality is lived not adorned, and to never forget to dance and sing!  Life is a dance! Move those feet!


Now I work both gates as I like to say…

the subtle field of little ones coming in,

and the subtle field of our dearly departed.