Birth and Postpartum services


     I have been a birth and postpartum doula for over 19 years.  I have attended over 500 births, 40 of which were home water births as an assistant midwife, and I have worked with over 800 families postpartum.  I see myself as an educator, not one to instill dependence.   It is never my agenda, always yours!  As a birth doula and an assistant midwife I was trained to prefer natural birth.  I feel now, 19 years later, that all births are sacred!  I do not stand in judgement of birth.   I am interested in birth as a teacher.   If you are not interested in having a doula with you hours on end, then sign up for a consultation!  I can prepare your team for your special day!  As your doula I love to come to your home in early labor and work that 12 hour window it can take to get to 5cm. (on average)  From 5-10cm on average is half that time.


I only attend one birth a month.  I am all yours for that month.  I have only had to call in a back up once out of 500 births and that was at a 72 hour home birth.  (That’s rare, don’t panic:)  The role of a doula is sacred and a bond is formed.  Often doulas will take 3-4 clients and often a client ends up with a back up.  It can be jarring

I am on-call 24 hrs a day 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after your due date for any and all questions. I do not give medical advice. That is the work of your midwife or doctor. We meet twice before your due date beginning a month before. I am always happy to meet more than this should the need arise.

Meeting 1:
Getting to know each other
Birth navigation.
Myth-busting, and “the middle way.”
Birth plan preparation (less is more)
Implementing my “top five” system

Meeting 2: Meeting the Masculine in the room. How we do anything is how we do everything. Tools, pushing stage, positions, signs of labor.
Knowing the stages and where we’re at… Grief and birth.

I come to home, hospital, or birth center at 511. (5 minutes apart, lasting a minute for over an hour.) I am with you the entire time until one hour after the birth. (The average birth is 15 to 24 hours.)Photography / video and written birth story included (Ask me about my modified packages for VBAC, repeat clients, and 2nd/3rd time moms.)

Postpartum visit:( 2 hours)  I meet you at home your first day home to help you all settle.  I prepare a healing soup, check in with baby and help with
Breast feeding.

*Home birth *Home/ Hospital *Hospital birth, meeting at the hospital.

(The above fees are subject to change, and do not include registry fees.)


Gentle Sleep Consultation

Custom sleep consultation using food, consistent biological appropriate tools, and your way of being, to enhance better sleep for all.  There is no “one size fits all” that ever fit well with human beings!  Most books and systems must appeal to a large population and can be maddening.  My work begins with the individual!  I am not a sleep trainer.  Sleep training is not recommended by doctors before 6 months of age.

I do offer tools and practices once your little one is 14 pounds that can get you solid sleep between 9 pm and 3am before that 6 month mark. Sleeping through the night technically for infants under one is six hours?  Any other process or sleep training that offers more than that usually goes against the natural grain of infancy.  I like to work with what is.  I work to understand who your baby is as an individual and create a plan that best suits your baby and your family.



What is a spirit baby reading?  Babies understand and communicate more than you know!  I teach you how to interpret the cues and signs from your baby.  Often while pregnant many women feel connection and messages from baby.  Once born many assume that magic and communication is over.  It isn’t.  Babies communicate through feeling and imagery.   Readings can take place pre-gestation, gestation, during and after delivery until age seven.  Phone sessions are best as I communicate with your little ones’  higher self through you.


Postpartum Doula Care

(Not currently available until 2023.)  

What I offer as your Postpartum Doula: infant care education- I not only cover care of the physical, but I help you understand how your little one communicates.

breast feeding support
first bath
cord /circumcision care
jaundice/ colic solutions
baby massage
baby carrier instruction
product and nursery consultation
sleep sculpting

When everyone is settled I also offer the following:

lite cooking. (1 dish per visit)
lite cleaning
baby laundry

Postpartum is $50 per hour