Birth services

Birth and Postpartum 

23 years

a birth, postpartum attendant,

and newborn specialist having served over 800 families.

I have attended over

 567 births

(40 of which were home water births done in three months as an assistant midwife. )

All births are sacred! 

Birth is not a competition. 

It is a revolution toward Love!

 There is no perfect birth.

There is what we learn.


 Birth Support Details

I am on-call 24 hrs a day 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after your due date for any and all questions.  Every Monday (MAMA Mondays) I reach out with product/ birth/ postpartum information and a general, “Hello, how are you?

I am your consistent ally from start to finish.

Nurses come and go.

Doctors and midwives are usually only there at the end.

I am there for the duration. I do not give medical advice and I am not a midwife. I use “Spinning Babies” and the Body Ready Method techniques for optimal positioning. These positions can decrease your time in labor and during pushing.

Birth Doula Support        $3800

A’ la carte/ Additions-

   Private Birth Education (3 hours) $400

Infant care education class $350 

Placenta Encapsulation $400

Weekly text to  check- in and share every Monday until your labor. (Mama Mondays) .

 I provide 2-3n meetings. (1.5 hours each meeting) See description below of what is covered.

Primarily we focus on “labor mechanics”, the Body Ready Method, Spinning Babies and birth and the “Middle Way.”

 * I work only with clients who have completed a proper childbirth education class per the requirements of my certification. *Private childbirth education course available upon request.*

I am a certified ICEA childbirth educator.  


        (Begins one and a half months before your due date)


  • Intake and clarification of information
  • Discuss the role of a doula.
  • Emotional triggers of birth / Grief and Denial
  • Dr. Odent, Dr. Merium Szejer
  • Building your “birth hopes” page and strategy
  • Role of the divine masculine in the birth room.
  • The first 12 hours
  • “Dads Elbow”
  • Birth and the Middle Way
  • “Anchor” for baby.

         MEETING TWO

  • Meeting the Shadow
  • The nuts and bolts of pushing.
  • Positions and practice. (Spinning Babies)
  • My “top five” system
  • Induction details and strategy.
  • “What we resist, persists.”
  • Nursery check.
  • Induction navigation. The “Bishop Score”.
  • Photograpy
  • Postpartum “First Day home” visit.

           In Case of Induction:

  • I am not in attendance during the use of ripening agents.
  • I am in contact every 4-6 hours by phone during ripening.
  • I arrive an two hours after Pitocin is in place.
  • I am with you for the duration until baby is born.
  • I take my leave approximately one hour after the birth.
  • (Photography of labor, birth is included.)


Your first day home can be overwhelming.

It’s wonderful to have an extra pair of hands and experienced newborn care specialist (me) on hand for breastfeeding or /bottle feeding support, and general “getting acclimated” support.

Postpartum Doula/ infant care educator- Infant Communication”

  • I make every effort to be there your first day home.
  • (bath, nails, baby massage)
  • Cord /circumcision/ non-circumcision education and care
  • Jaundice/ colic solutions 
  • Product and nursery consultation
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