Birth services

 Birth Keeper 

22 years a birth and postpartum Doula.

You want experience in the room!

Especially with birth and postpartum support.

I have attended over 500 births,

40 home water births in three months as an assistant midwife.

I have also worked with over 800 families postpartum.

 No agenda, just support. 

ALL births are sacred!  I do not stand in judgement of ANY birth.

Birth is not a competition.  It is a revolution to Love!

Labor land is a place unto itself.  I am but a guide in “labor land”. 

 Birth is a teacher and there is no one perfect way to birth.  Each birth is original and individual.  I see myself as an educator.

I teach to set you free and for you to take the lead.

Birth Doula Packages

I attend one birth a month ONLY

YOUR birth.  

(Often doulas will take 3-4 clients. In that situation a client may end up with a back up.)

Clients rarely if ever want the back up. 

I am on-call 24 hrs a day 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after your due date for any and all questions.  Also every Monday (MAMA Mondays) I reach out with product/ birth/ postpartum information and a general, “Hello, how are you?

I do not give medical advice. 

That is the work of your midwife or doctor.

Obligations of the Doula and Services Provided

Birth Support Options

Daisy                        $1200

Rose Package          $3900 

Orchid Package       $4400

Daisy $1200

Birth Support Education for Partner/ Family  

Don’t want to hire a doula but want educated support that is family in the room?

If you are not interested in having a doula with you hours on end.

This training is for you.  I educate your partner/ sister/ friend as labor support.

We do all the same prep and birth-plan building.

During your birth I am available to guide and consult with your team by phone only

  • I will be on call for you twenty-four hours a day beginning two weeks before your due date, and ending two weeks after your due date.  (Daisy, Rose, and Orchid)
  • You will also receive a weekly text with the latest information, resources and a general check- in every Monday until your labor. (Mama Mondays) .  (Rose and Orchid)
  • I provide 2 meetings of preparation prior to delivery.  (Rose)
  • A third meeting, (Orchid)
  • Placenta Encapsulation (Orchid)
  • “First day” or any day Postpartum 2 hours. (Orchid)

*** I do work with clients who have not completed a proper childbirth education class per the requirements of my certification. Our meetings are not childbirth education classes. Our sessions are about labor navigation and understanding my role as your doula. You may have a private course with me upon request.

*Private childbirth education course upon request.

  • I am a certified ICEA childbirth educator.
  • I encourage clients to join a group class. A great way to make new friends who are birthing too.
  • My private class is 3 hours and covers birth basics.
  • Private 3 hour birth basics childbirth education is an additional $350.00

During labor I note every stage

  • I provide a birth log/ story of your birth journey.
  • I also take photos just after delivery. (Please note, I am not a professional photographer. That being said, clients have appreciated and enjoyed the photos I have taken.)


(Begins one month before your due date)

MEETING 1:- (Rose and Orchid)

  • Intake and clarification of information
  • Discuss the role of a doula.
  • Emotional triggers of birth / Grief and Denial
  • Dr. Odent, Dr. Merium Szejer
  • Building your “birth hopes” page and strategy
  • Role of the divine masculine in the birth room.
  • The first 12 hours
  • Dads Elbow
  • Birth and the Middle Way
  • Anchors for baby.

MEETING 2:- (Rose and Orchid)

  • Meeting the Shadow
  • The nuts and bolts of pushing.
  • Positions and practice. (Spinning Babies)
  • My “top five” system
  • Nursery check.
  • Induction details and strategy.
  • “What we resist, persists.”

MEETING 3:- (Orchid package only)

  • Induction navigation. The “Bishop Score”.
  • Belly induction massage. (with care givers permission only and you must be at least 1cm.)
  • Postpartum First Day visit.

In Case of Induction:

  • I am not in attendance during the use of ripening agents.
  • I am in contact every 4-6 hours by phone during ripening.
  • I arrive an hour after Pitocin is in place.
  • I am with you for the duration until baby is born.
  • I take my leave approximately one hour after the birth.
  • (Photography of labor, birth is included with Rose and Orchid)

POSTPARTUM (2 hours)-

(Orchid Package only)

Your first day home can be overwhelming.

It’s wonderful to have an extra pair of hands and experienced newborn care specialist (me) on hand for breastfeeding or /bottle feeding support, and general “getting acclimated” support.

I have worked with over 800 families postpartum.

*Additional hours may be added upon request for birth clients only.

I come to home, hospital, or birth center when your contractions are lasting 40 seconds + for over an hour.  I am always in touch as labor begins.

Photography / video and written birth story included (Rose and Orchid packages)

Induction Belly Massage – (Orchid package only)

You must be at least 1 cm dilated and this must be approved by midwife / Doctor.


Postpartum Doula/ infant care educator-

(Currently postpartum only available for birth clients.)

I not only cover care of the physical, but I help you understand how your little one communicates.  We study cues together.

Your baby wants to be seen and understood. 

Who they are, is here now!

  • The Art of Maternal Telepathy and infant communication.
  • I make every effort to be there your first day home.
  • Breast feeding support / pump navigation
  • SPA BABY- (bath, nails, baby massage)
  • Cord /circumcision/ non-circumcision education and care
  • Jaundice/ colic solutions 
  • Product and nursery consultation
  • Sleep sculpting / Gentle sleep work/ Sleep expectations of the first year.
  • Lite cooking and tiding up.