Spiritual Mediumship

Pregnancy and Baby Reading

Postpartum Consultation

Death Doula Support


Birth, Postpartum and the art of maternal Telepathy.

I accept one birth a month. $3700.

I primarily attend births at St Johns, Cedar Sinai, and both UCLA hospitals.

I am available for Postpartum consultations and Nanny infant care training.

(1.5 hours, $250) You’d be surprised how many nannies know very little about infants 7 months and younger.  It doesn’t take long to get  them up to speed.

I have been a birth and postpartum doula for over 21 years and have attended over 500 births; 40 of which were home water births as an assistant midwife.  I have also worked with over 800 families postpartum.  I see myself as an educator..   It is never my agenda, always yours!  As a birth doula and an assistant midwife I was trained to prefer natural birth.  I feel now, 21 years later, that all births are sacred!  I do not stand in judgement of birth.  A C section is also sacred.  An epidural is just a tool.   I utilize positioning from Spinning Babies and techniques from my time as an assistant midwife to support.

Postpartum and the Art of Maternal Telepathy-

My mission is always to inspire mothers and fathers away from the idea that baby is a blank slate and that ” no one’s home” at birth.  I never want to hear another mom say, “Does my baby know me?” 

I demonstrate how your little one is communicating all of the time.  After the birth your senses will be heightened.  Your hormones and knowing will be at an all time high.  There is a reason for this.  Many moms report acquiring or recognizing intuitive gifts and abilities they never knew they had, just after the birth of their child.  YES! I’m just here to show you it’s real.

Spiritual Mediumship

Messages, validations and communication from loved ones who have passed.  Spiritual Mediumship is a wonderful way to experience validations with those who have passed.  Sacred and profound connections with whom you choose to continue that connection with.  My intention is to demonstrate the connection that exists and is possible between you and your loved ones.  I am not a psychic.  There is a reason I do not call myself a “psychic medium”.  I do not make predictions.  A spiritual medium brings the whole story of a life together. Good vibes and love only.  ($199)


Things I have NEVER said or will ever say in a reading-

“Your will birth will turn out like this.”

“You will die next week.”

“You have cancer.”


My messages and intentions are that of giving proof of life after death, as well as validations of support and joy.  

Transition Support

I help your loved one cross over and give messages and support to the family. 

No one passes alone.  Ask me more about this journey.
(By donation only)


Guidelines for a reading– 

 Some readers are a better fit for you than others. If I find the reading is not flowing well after 15 minutes I will stop the reading, return your money and refer you to another reader. It’s rare that this happens, but it does and is a true sign of a genuine intuitive.
No pets allowed. (I love pets and I have many.  I find though in a reading they can tend to distract and pull focus.
I am not a doctor and I do not give medical advice.
Please be sober and clear. No alcohol or any recreational substances during a reading.
With Mediumship it is important that you knew or know your person so you can validate the information that is shared. With every yes and understanding, the connection becomes stronger.
Baby/ child readings are best for 20 weeks gestation to age 7.  Your child need not be there for the session as their higher self communicates with us during the reading.
  During a baby reading pre birth I make it a point not to share birth outcomes. I would never forfeit the opportunity of the journey at your birth. Words rarely teach, but experience does.  I am a bigger fan of your journey and what you discover than of what I intuit in the birth room.