Birth Support


                                           (Please go to birth doula page for more package details)

   I primarily attend births at St Johns, Cedar Sinai, and both UCLA hospitals.  

I have been a birth and postpartum doula for 22 years and have attended over 500 births; 40 of which were home water births as an assistant midwife.  I have worked with over 800 families postpartum, and am a certified childbirth educator.(ICEA) It is never my agenda, always yours! 

All births are sacred!  

Pregnancy / Baby Reading

                                                                          ($225, 40 minutes)

Based on the latest findings on baby cognition in utero and beyond.  (“Talking to Babies” Dr. Merium Szejer) This is a demonstration of the  art of maternal telepathy. Good vibes only.  I do not make predictions, or offer birth outcomes.  I do not give medical advice either.  I simply demonstrate the unspoken communication between us and our little ones.  Energetics and telepathy are your baby’s first language.  I work to validate the magic of the mother and baby bond.  Baby sends me images and feelings about their experience. Never a dull moment with these little ones.

Spirit Baby Reading

                                                                         ($190, 30 minutes)   

An exploration of the energetics of fertility, as well as a demonstration of connection to our little ones we feel in “the wings” pre conception.     


Connecting to Loved ones

                                                                            ($250, 45 minutes)

Spiritual Mediumship is a wonderful way to connect with those who have passed.  I demonstrate, and validate, the connection between you and your loved ones on the other side.  I hear, see, and feel information and then share that with you. 

Guidelines for a readings

No pets allowed. I had someone bring a pet rat to a reading once.
I love pets and I have many.  I find they tend to distract and pull focus.
I am not a doctor and I do not give medical advice.
Please be sober and clear. No alcohol or any recreational substances during a reading.
With Mediumship it is important that you knew or know your person so you can validate the information that is shared. With every yes and understanding, the connection becomes stronger.
Baby/ child readings are best for 20 weeks gestation to age 7.  Your child need not be there for the session as their higher self communicates with us during the reading.
  During a baby reading pre birth I make it a point not to share birth outcomes. I would never forfeit the opportunity of the journey at your birth. Words rarely teach, but experience does.  I am a bigger fan of your journey and what you discover than of what I intuit in the birth room.