Custom sleep consultation using food, consistent biological appropriate tools, and your way of being, to enhance better sleep for YOUR baby.  There is no one size fits all with human beings that ever fit well!  Most books and systems must appeal to a large population.  My work is rooted in the individual!  Best to start anytime before 3 months old for a pre-consult, then again at 17lbs to get that 6 hours straight of sleep.  Did you know that sleeping through the night technically for infants under one years of age is six hours?  Any other process or sleep training that offers more than that usually goes against the natural grain of infancy.  I like to work with what is.  I work to understand who your baby is as an individual and create a plan that best suits your baby and your family.


Birth package- $3500 Postpartum $50 per hour

I have been a birth and postpartum doula for over 18 years.  I have attended over 500 births, 40 of which were home water births as an assistant midwife, and I have worked with over 800 families postpartum.  I see myself as an educator, not one to instill dependence.   It is never my agenda, always yours!  As a birth doula and an assistant midwife I was trained to prefer natural birth.  I feel now, 18 years later, that all births are sacred!  I do not stand in judgement of birth.  A C section can be sacred, and an epidural is just a tool.  The more you “resist” with birth, the more it “persists”, the exact thing you don’t want presents.  I am interested in birth as a teacher for clients, and it is always teaching me as well.  If you are not interested in having someone with you hours on end then sign up for a consultation!  Bring the educator to you!  I spend up to two hours with you answering all of your pressing questions and or breastfeeding or sleep issues.


 Some readers are a better fit for you than others. If I find the reading is not flowing well after 15 minutes I will stop the reading, return your money and refer you to another reader. It’s rare that this happens, but it does and is a true sign of a genuine intuitive.
No pets allowed. Unless of course the reading  is about that pet.
 If your friend is not very spiritual and doesn’t usually go to a reader, please do not recommend they come to see me. The readings are a dance and require two people to participate energetically. Readings do not go well if someone is closed off.  Readings are a full body experience. Someone can want to be read in their mind, but if the rest of them says no, it won’t work well.
Please be sober and clear. No alcohol or substances engaged during a reading.  No partying  the night before either. This is a sacred space and the clearer you are the stronger the message. This includes prescription drugs as well.
With Mediumship it is important that you knew or know your person so you can validate the information that is shared. With every yes and understanding, the connection gets stronger. If you never knew the person you hope to hear from, there is not much I can do with that as you won’t be able to  validate the information.
Baby Readings are available for pre-Conception or from three months gestation, up until 36 months old, earth side.
 I am a big fan of the journey of life and all that it has to teach us.  Words do not teach, experience teaches.  My work is the gathering of information intended to remove obstacles that are in the way, then you must do the work of action and reflection.  That is the essence of my work in a nutshell.  I work toward every reading being a teaching, discovery, and a connection.
Transition Support
 At times I am called in to check with transitioning clients and give messages to the family. If transitions are taking awhile, I can sometimes figure out why and help with that process.

SPIRIT BABY READINGS $190 in person (By phone $160)

What is a spirit baby reading?  Babies understand and communicate more than you know!  When it’s appropriate and requested I open the channel to receive impressions and images from babies wanting to communicate.  I never offer spontaneous readings while working postpartum or attending a birth unless it is requested.  Even so I usually recommend that new moms wait at least a year before getting read.  Especially with mediumship.  You need time and space to process the emotions that come up and that can be difficult as a new mom to find the time and space for that.  Working as a reader occupies a whole other floor of my psyche than where I am working from as a doula.  Doula work requires great grounding and common sense.  I match the energy of the babies and moms I work with to maintain peace and calm.  Readings can take place pre-gestation, gestation, during and after delivery and anytime pre-verbal.  I also counsel women with regards to fertility and loss.  Stay tuned for my upcoming class to learn how to connect to your little one yourself.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING  $160 phone, $190 in person

I slip into deep meditation and check in with your personal council to answer any pressing questions.

MEDIUMSHIP- $190 in person (By phone $160) 

Messages, validation and communication from loved ones who have gone on before us.

Group Rates, Private Events 

5-10 $40 per person