The Guidance Within

By Gordon Ellison

Have you always wanted to know how psychics do what they can do? Or where they come up with that information? If they’re not looking through your garbage, how do they know what they know? Would you like to develop your own psychic “openness” while avoiding all the legendary fairies, dragons, and gnomes in the process? The manual you have been searching for is here.

During my quest, I have come to realize that this “The Guidance within”, has been with me all along. What I mean is, my Psychic ability is part of my DNA just as it is with you, and the rest of the people on our planet, believe it or not?

It’s also the reason why I couldn’t find it in the first place until now. As a result, I thought that I could at least help you to learn how you can develop your own psychic abilities; or at least, how to recognize them. Without further haste, lets get started. We’ve been waiting for you.

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