22 Jan 2020
January 22, 2020

Myth, Ritual,& Lifetimes

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It sounds simplistic when I say it. That’s anytime I share in a reading, ideas about rituals for a client to try. To quote Joseph Campbell, “The ritual physicalizes the myth. All myths deal with transformation of consciousness, and the consciousness is transformed by trials, and tests.” Our actions are fed by our dreams or personal myth. To change or enhance your myth, your journey, requires a dance with ritual; an action. My Soul mapping was inspired in part by Jung’s work and drawing. In sessions he would draw with clients to alter the story or myth of the client. What is the story you tell yourself? What is the story others tell you about yourself? Does it serve? I have sent many “Sitting in the power” exercise. It heals and shifts from the inside out. You become owner of your domain. Less fatigue, less stress, and better health. Only 5 minutes in the morning can make a huge difference. I am actually more of a fan of the self made ritual. The ritual no one taught you, but rather the one you were led to by your heart. Ritual comes in all shapes and sizes. They are markers, moorings in a world of unpredictability.

Often in readings “past lives” come up. My view on “Past lives” is that our soul is a giant diamond. Every diamond has many facets. What if each life time was a facet on the diamond which is the entirety of our soul? Einstein would back me here. Time? Past life? Often in readings a characteristic of the soul of a baby will present as if in charge. Some souls come through carrying fears from another time. Will this round be different from what I’m going through the other facet over there? I feel the most important lifetime is the one we are focused on here and now. Unless a healing or teaching is needed to strengthen the current experience. Often there are dynamics in a family that seem strange, un called for, as if from another time when we were different as a family, as people. Just bringing it too light and speaking about it, loosens up resistance or agitation. Especially with the toddler clan. A daily reminder to them that mommy and daddy are in charge this time around will do wonders. I found the best time to talk to my little one was when he was asleep. I spoke to his higher self. I would share what was working for us and what wasn’t as far as behavior. I would share about any big changes coming up. Sharing soothed my nervous system. The next day I would be calmer and feel heard. I know it sounds simple, and aren’t the best things in life that which is simple? All the best! Now go play.

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