10 Nov 2016
November 10, 2016


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Early on as a birth and postpartum Doula I noticed a profound communication occurring between myself and babies, and between mother and baby.  Then during a birth I was forever changed as that special communication from baby and beyond expanded and bringing peace, joy and healing into the birth space. Many new parents believe their babies to be “blank slates.”  It’s my mission to spread the word and demonstrate maternal telepathy, and that who your baby is, is here now.  I hope to never hear again a mother or father ask me if their baby knows them.  Babies communicate all of the time. I am an educator and a translator.  You can do it too! During sessions with clients I demonstrate and validate the existence and very much present personality and communication style of your little one.  I have worked with over 800 families postpartum and have attended over 500 births.  When babies are seen and heard, they are more content. I have seen physical proof, and positive change in feeding, sleeping, and over all well being with babies once they are heard.  Most parents are intuitive when it comes to understanding their babies, but many are talked out of it.  I’m just here to show you it can be done and that it’s real. Our babies are always communicating. Listening to them, knowing that who they are, their soul self, is here now, validates their journey and the individual that they are.

(Sometimes babies sing along)

“If Sufi were a planet, we’d stick a flag in her!”    – C. Pifko


“Your work took my breath away, Sufi! I love your heart so much. I love how rawly-open you are in your work.  Such light and beauty and knowingness. I am so excited to hire you again and chat with you again.  What a gift you are lady!”  -T. Howard


“My husband and I both took turns telling C. what you instructed us to say, which was so wonderful because I KNEW he was hearing me and understanding.  He made eye contact with me the entire time and he slept from 7:30-2am! Normally he’s up twice by this point. Just had to share. Again you are such a blessing!”   – J.Christianson


“Hi Sufi, I still think about my birth experience every day and I just wanted to express again how grateful I am for your presence at my birth!  When I was first pregnant and researched Doulas, I prayed to find someone like you to be at my birth and my prayers have been answered.  You were the perfect match for us and our baby.  I can’t even begin to think how much of an impact you make in people’s lives with the work that you do.  Thank you for all that you have done for us.  FOREVER GRATEFUL! ”  B. Ansari


“Now this is a doula that really knows her stuff!”  Dr. Howie Mandel MD, Cedar Sinai