20141017_114119_resized_1While at Omega Institute studying with James Van Praagh, I read for Tibby and her husband came through showing me a gold pocket watch. She said yes she had it. It currently was on her mantel in a glass case. It hadnt worked for years but was a significant family heirloom. He said to take note at the time it was currently, and that he would be moving the hands of the clock this week. Well to our surprise, on the last day, she excitedly ran in with the watch to show me. She hadnt touched it until that very morning when she saw it had moved forward by 30 minutes. So sweet and a great lesson for me to always have faith in the message.

Sufi Ertur

Infant Care Specialist,
Postpartum Doula,
Birth Doula (DONA),
Birth Educator (ICEA),
Joy Navigator

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